Freretian Glass Artist

Artist Profile: Andrew Brott

by Ian McNulty
There’s a lot of change these days along Freret Street, an Uptown commercial stretch with a bumper crop of new restaurants and other businesses. In the midst of them also has risen the strikingly contemporary three-story home, studio and all-around headquarters of glass artist Andrew Brott. 

Inside, Brott channels his fervent energies into the hands-on work of creating mixed-media art glass installations, sculptures and chandeliers and also into his deep passion for research, studying the ideas of those who inspire him. That proves to be a highly varied roster, from 19th-century industrial pioneers and inventors to contemporary artists, authors and activists.

“You’re only as good as your research; you have to start there,” Brott says. “My goal is to use a traditional, craft-based medium to make fine art glass and sculpture.”