Dat Dog Celebrates Turning 1

Dat Dog’s Skip Murray on One Year on Freret Street

Thursday, February 23, 2012, by Alexander Hancock – Eater New Orleans, LA

Skip Murray is one half of the ownership team at the popular Freret Street hot dog and sausage shop Dat Dog. Owned by Murray and his old high school friend (and retired US attorney) Constantine Georges, Dat Dog has already established itself as a central player on the increasingly popular Freret Street scene. Georges and Murray have been so successful at the sausage shop, in fact, that they’ve already begun plans to move to a larger space across the street.

A native of New Orleans who lived in the UK for 27 years, Murray told us the story of how he went from being a regular American consulting with upmarket restaurants in London to being known as the “Hot Dog Guy.” (He called this the short version, which means the long version could probably fill a book.) But after getting that background, we chatted about Dat Dog’s surprising popularity and success through the last year and his plans to use their spot on Freret to promote a more walkable, town center-like area on the street.