Freret Street on News with a Twist

Anne Cutler for WGNO News With a Twist

2:30 p.m. CDT, March 29, 2012

NEW ORLEANS—Constantine Georges has a tough time deciding which is his favorite frank.  “I started off liking the Slovenian sausage and the Kielbasa and I moved into the German brat and the alligator sausage and right now I’m on, Guinness is my favorite.”

When the self-titled “Duke of Dat Dog” opened shop with buddy Skip Murray, up-and-coming Freret Street seemed like the perfect fit.  Georges says, “It had seen better days prior to the last few years, so it was a pity to let a beautiful street like that be overlooked.”




Editorial comment:
There are great diverse businesses all down the corridor:

Bright Eyes Optique
Age Spans
Beans Formalwear
Bloomin Deals
BrottWorks Studio
Freret Hardware
Freret Paint
Du Mois Gallery
Villere Realty
Freret Garden Center
Freret St Yoga
Kehoe Automotive
La Nuit Comedy Theatre
The Alamo Underground
Neighborhood Housing Services
The Bike Shop
The Beauty Lab
Zeus’ Place
Sherman Law Firm
Publiq House- opening summer 2012
Sun House- opening summer 2012
The Freret Market- the first Saturday of each month

Come see us soon!
The New Freret