Chef Garcia offBEAT Cover

Adolfo Garcia: The Metamorphosis of New Orleans’ Hungriest Restauranteur

01 September 2012 — by Rene Louapre for OffBeat Magazine

“I felt like I was lip-syncing, like I was Ashlee Simpson on Saturday Nigh Live,” says Adolfo Garcia. Garcia is talking about Rio Mar. More specifically, why, after owning and serving as executive chef at Rio Mar for more than ten years, he up and sold his share to longtime partner Nick Bazan. The nightly act of putting on a chef’s coat, walking around the dining room and being called “chef” had worn him down. Not because of the stress and hard work, but because Garcia was no longer cooking, he was no longer deserving of the title in his mind. His other restaurants demanded more attention: There were servers to train, managers to hire, concepts to develop. Suddenly, after 35 years in the restaurant business, the 51-year-old Garcia was no longer cooking. He had become a restaurateur.