Get your comfort food on Freret!

Hot Dogs and Cheesesteaks

Robert Peyton for

It’s been a busy year for Dat Dog. The local purveyor of hot dogs and sausages relocated across Freret Street last year, going from a tiny space at 5031 to a much larger venue at 5030. More recently owners Constantine Georges and Skip Murray opened their second location at 3336 Magazine St. Like the new digs on Freret, there’s significant outside seating – both locations feel a lot like something you’d see in Munich, and that’s not entirely a coincidence. Dat Dog features a lot of local products, but they also get sausages from all over the world, including a hell of a smoked Bratwurst imported from Germany. Wieners come in beef or pork, and local products include a smoked sausage from Harahan, hot sausage from Kenner and crawfish sausage “from the bayou.” Specialty sausages include duck, “turducken,” a link made with Guinness, a veggie sausage and tempura-fried cod they call a Sea Dog.