Peak Hurricane Season

Entering Peak Hurricane Season, Stay Prepared!

We are no strangers to tropical weather, but it pays to remind everyone how critical it is to stay prepared just in case. Forecasters note that peak hurricane season for the Atlantic occurs between August 1st and late October. Starting today, those famous spaghetti models become that much more important.

By now, you’ve no doubt made a gameplan, discussed your plan with your family, and stocked up on hurricane essentials. If you haven’t, get to it! Learn more at www.Ready.Gov and

One of the most important resources for residents is the City of New Orleans emergency communications site, Ready.Nola.Gov. The right information at the right time can help prevent damage to people and property during an emergency event. How do you stay connected? There are several ways:

First, you can sign up for Nola Ready’s text message alert system. Sign up here to get timely alerts right to your cell phone or landline.

Second, make sure you have a battery-operated weather radio to receive special warning messages, even when regular phone or electricity service is damaged. These are inexpensive devices that can save lives. Click here to learn more.

For many of you who use social media, Nola Ready publishes up-to-the-minute updates on their twitter and facebook feeds. Follow them today.

Need transportation out of the city but don’t have your own vehicle? Locate the closest ‘Evacuspot’ to your home to make sure you’re out of the way of the storm.

As always, catch the latest weather forecasts at WWL, WDSU, or at the National Hurricane Center’s forecast hub.

Stay ready this hurricane season.